Life Update

I’m going to call this a life update, which I suppose it is, but it’s also a way for me to just sit down and wrap my head around everything that’s going on, cos sometimes you just need to take a moment. My life seems so hectic all of a sudden, which is a huge... Continue Reading →

London: Camden Town and Markets

Camden is a quirky town in North West London and home to the famous 'Camden Markets' where you can buy anything from unique jewellery to vintage clothes and tapestries. We spent our first full day here and honestly, could have gone back and spent even more time there. Camden is an eccentric place in general,... Continue Reading →

First Tattoo Experience

Almost two weeks ago, I finally got my first tattoo. I had wanted a tattoo for so long and after picking designs, changing my mind and putting it off, I finally found a design I loved and just went for it. I got my tattoo done at Allstar Ink Tattoo in Limerick City by Ross... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Week Thoughts

Mental health week is coming to an end today, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on mental health & mental illness. Firstly, I think we’re incredibly lucky to belong to a generation that are so open minded and willing to talk about these issues. It goes without saying that there are still... Continue Reading →

Meningitis Awareness Week

You mightn't have heard, but this week is meningitis awareness week, so here I am to make you aware. This might not be the most interesting read but it is so so important, so please bare with me! Meningitis isn't talked about very often so a lot of people may not be aware of how... Continue Reading →

Pink Suede Skirt

I bought this gorgeous pink suede skirt in H&M while on holiday in Spain earlier this year. It's such a versatile piece because of it's neutral colour, so can be styled in so many different ways! Unfortunately, it's no longer available on the website but here are some extremely similar skirts from Forever 21: Faux... Continue Reading →

A/W Wishlist II

I mentioned in my first AW Wishlist that this is my favourite time of the year when it comes to fashion. It goes without saying that I've been religiously creeping on all my favourite clothes websites! Here are some more gorgeous pieces that I adore but unfortunately can't afford and will probably never buy: ASOS... Continue Reading →

I quit the gym

This was actually a tough decision to make, but I really think it's for the best. I've really grown to love the gym, which is surprising considering I've never been that sporty or athletic. I loved knowing that I was getting stronger, fitter and healthier. I saw the gym as a way to clear my... Continue Reading →

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